Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week Eleven

     Well, I'm in to the final stretch. I only have a few more hours to go and I will have completed my 150 hours. When I began this is over Christmas break, I was prepared for a lot of work and it definitely has been. It has not been easy working full-time, going to school 3 nights a week and keeping up with practicum hours on top of it all, but I am almost done. 

     This week on Wednesday I went shopping with Liz for supplies for activities coming up-Easter, Spring, Mother's day and Memorial Day. We were shopping for two other libraries, too. Our main objective was to get decorations for Easter and items for the Egg Hunt for story time on Thursday this week. The library uses purchase orders at the local school supply store and the for other places, such as Wal-mart, she has a tax-exempt card and credit card to make purchases.
We actually ran out of time before we completed all our shopping, we didn't make the craft store, but Liz went the next day and found some great decorations as when I went in Saturday, there was grass everywhere along with egg trees. It looked very festive and Easter-like.

      Saturday in between helping patrons I filled the eggs with small goodies and candy. It was a tight squeeze-thank goodness for invisible tape. So, Liz has one less thing for Story time this week. I hope she likes what I did since she wasn't there Saturday.

Not too much to report this week. No excitement at the library. One more Friday to go-yeah!

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