Monday, April 9, 2012

Week Twelve

  This week I met with Ms. Charlie Longino so she could review how acquisitions are handled at the Biloxi Library. They fall under Harrison County Library System and share the ordering with the eight branches in the system. They generally order using jobbers such as Baker and Taylor. She explained how they build  carts for different subjects and hold items there before they place an order. For right now they are waiting for FEMA funds to be released so they can place orders. Since they are replacing books lost in Katrina they are still able to use FEMA funds when they are available. At the moment there is no timeline for when that will happen, so they keep their list going just waiting for the announcement.

   Back to the jobber, Baker and Taylor. Actually, she explained that most  jobbers offer the same services but the department likes the way this website is set up for ordering. You have sort of a Chinese menu for picking the services you want from the jobber-they can put labels on the spine or leave it off, they can catalog for you or not, so there are a lot of choices to get the product you want. And so they like the services offered by this particular jobber.

   On Friday I worked on project for the Genealogy Department. I was searching the local newspaper The Sun Herald from January to October 2011 for local history articles, church profiles and from a columnist who  writes about local events. It took quite some time and I left there with newspaper print fingers. It was quite interesting looking back at the years news, some articles it felt like it was just yesterday I had read about some of the events.  

   That was it for the week. Next Saturday will be my last day and will be reviewing everything I have done so we are sure everything is covered.

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